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Employers Can Limit Employee Confusion with Active Benefits Enrollment

Choosing the right healthcare and insurance plans through an employer can be confusing and difficult for some, but employers can help to lighten the stress and ensure their workers are getting everything they need. Check out these tips for helping your employees navigate the system during active benefits enrollment. 

Communicate in the Ways They Prefer

One of the biggest reasons that employees become confused is because they feel there is either too much or too little communication during the process. Less than half of employees read everything they receive about benefits enrollment and those who do read them prefer to receive them electronically. People often complain that benefits language is too complex, too boring, or simply disappointing. You can bypass these problems by creating benefits literature that is easy to read and understand. Skip the industry jargon for the best results. 

Engage Your Younger Workers 

Workers who are part of the Millennial or Z Generations often know (and care) less about their benefits packages than older workers, often because they assume there is no real benefit to them. However, keeping them engaged by speaking to them in their own language will help you get them on board and choosing the right packages to meet their needs during active benefits enrollment. Consider how you can connect with younger generations via smartphones and other devices by using apps or social media.

Send Them to School

Nearly half of Americans spend less than 30 minutes studying their employers' benefits packages and almost 100% of them choose the same package as the year before. Most of the time, it's simply because they don't understand the information. Consider helping your employees by providing educational materials. This could be a seminar on how to read and understand the information, a glossary of definitions, and even time scheduled each week for you to answer questions.

The fact of the matter is, your employees need to choose the right benefits packages to keep them happy with their insurance and healthcare and, therefore, happy as an employee with your company. This means that you need to do what you can to ensure your employees understand the information without feeling that it takes hours or even days of the time that they'd usually be working on other projects or spending with their friends and family. By putting in a bit more effort, you become an even better employer with even happier workers.

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